Risotto Perfected with Chef Andrea Girardello

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

Risotto Perfected with Chef Andrea Girardello Few dishes compare to a bowl of creamy, tender, perfectly cooked risotto! At a casual evening with ESB Members and Chef Andrea Girardello from Aperitivo Wine Bar (and formerly Biltmore's Tydes restaurant), learn how to make authentic Italian risotto! From the rice to the aromatics, wine, and diverse flavors, […]


Braise the Meat! with Chef Justin West

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

Braise the Meat! with Chef Justin West It is winter in Santa Barbara. It's cold. There's only one thing to do in this blustering 52 degree weather; and that is....Make a braise....A tender, warm, melt-in your mouth braise ...The fork-tender meat, sauce coating the spoon, the warm aroma enveloping your kitchen...Nothing beats the comfort and […]


Karen Crouse’s Mt. Veeder Magic Vineyards & Friends

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

Experience the fine and rare wines of Mt. Veeder! Karen Crouse, owner of Mt. Veeder Magic Vineyards, will be featuring four Napa wineries who produce wine in the Mount Veeder Appellation (Napa Valley). Some of these wines are already listed as sold out, or have been offered to ESB exclusively. Wines will be available for purchase […]

$60.00 – $80.00

STREET FOOD – Indian Style!

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

Judy Astbury’s appetizers inspired by Indian Street food! On a warm fall afternoon, taste a variety of Judy Astbury’s appetizers inspired by Indian Street food! Savor Bhelpuri, Tandoori, Spicy Shrimp, Vegetable Bhajias with chutney and more, while enjoying the company of those who also appreciate layers of flavor and spice! The Gin & Tonic, a “veddy British […]

$45.00 – $56.00

ESB + Coterie Club Spanish Wine & Sherry Luncheon

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

ESB + Coterie Club Spanish Wine & Sherry Luncheon The stars align as the culinary rebels of The Coterie Club team up with Epicurean Santa Barbara for an exploration of Spanish wines & sherries paired with Chef Nick’s Creative cuisine! This afternoon culinary experience will be a 6-course meal featuring Chef Nick Bodden’s creative and globally […]

$76.00 – $90.00

The Santa Barbara Vintner Legends Series: Jim Clendenen & Adam Tolmach

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

2 Legends, 12 Wines, 1 Fellowship Dinner! This is an evening that will go down in Central Coast wine history. Having just Jim Clendenen from Au Bon Climat or Adam Tolmach from The Ojai Vineyard by themselves would be a magical night, but having them both together — which was Jim’s idea! — is incredibly […]

$59.00 – $94.00

Blind Wine Tasting and Fellowship Dinner

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

Put your palate to the test at ESB’s Blind Wine Tasting & Fellowship dinner!  Guests will come together to enjoy a “Fellowship Dinner”, where each guest brings a food item (starter, side, or entree) to share family style…i.e. Potluck and sit down blind wine tasting of 6 red Rhone varietal wines. Members will gather, taste […]


Farmhouse Cheesemaking

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

Join ESB members for an educational and delicious evening with Chef Michelle Aronson as she demonstrates the science behind fresh cheesemaking, and master the surprisingly straightforward techniques for making farm fresh cheeses in your own home! Together attendees will make butter, creme fraiche (which each guest will get to take home in jars provided), ricotta, […]


Creative Sauces & Dips

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

Creative Sauces & Dips Join chef Isa Bourbon and Lena Philkill as they demonstrate how to create delicious, colorful and flavorful vegan dips and sauces. Learn how to plate and dress your own with an array of garnishes. All guests will personally garnish and take home a dip with their customized toppings, and will enjoy a […]


Advanced Seafood Demonstration & Dinner

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

Join the waitlist now! Click here to email ESB! Intimidated by oyster shucking, sashimi, or whole fish preparation?  Fear not fish lovers! At this demonstration and dinner, Chef Tiziano will show you how to source, shuck, store, slice, scale, and savor seafood dishes that many home chefs are hesitant to prepare on their own...(Actually, it's not as […]


Farewell to Summer Rosé Lunch

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

As we enter the Labor Day weekend and the coming of Fall, let’s bid farewell to the oenophile’s summer fling in ESB style! Leave the pink petals and rose decor for the princess party….this event is all about discovering the versatility, diversity, and food friendliness of Rosé Wines. With a bird's eye breathtaking ocean view, […]


Pinots Around The World

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

Join the waitlist now! Click here to email ESB! Attend an enlightening tasting experience featuring this delicate and popular grape that varies widely from region to region. From Burgandy to Oregon to Chile to California, Pinot Noir is produced all around the world, and the wines from each region vary drastically from one another. Time […]


Taste of Thailand ~ Chef P.A. Tremblay

TBD Santa Barbara, CA

Join the waitlist now! Click here to email ESB! Epicurean Santa Barbara's Taste of Thailand! If there is anything we are missing in Santa Barbara, it's Thai food. Adventure into the rich and exciting flavors of Thai cuisine with P.A. Tremblay’s four-course Thai Dinner (includes a welcome beverage). Choose from one of two optional beverage pairings: […]

$60.00 – $90.00