ESB Boutique In-Home Dining

Epicurean Santa Barbara’s mission is to provide high-quality culinary experiences for its members. As we continue to respect the physical distancing precautions, we are excited to launch a new platform for creative, highly-personalized, and often educational events. These offerings are provided by ESB founder, Amy Baer Robinson, and include different options including meal preparation, culinary demonstrations, & fine dining multi-course dinners.

Experiences are held in the comfort of a member’s own home, and are customized to the member’s dining preferences. Given that many of you still desire fine dining opportunities, culinary education, and tire of cooking at home, these opportunities give our members the chance to experience the memorable elements of the restaurant experience: the service, elevated food, and socialization; in the comfort of their home. These are ESB events where you choose the guest list and the experience. Experiences allow for 1-4 guests, to be determined by the host member.

In your home, all safety and sanitary guidelines provided by the National Restaurant Association will be followed and adjusted, if needed, to the host’s preference. We strive to keep our guests healthy and safe, and will implement these food safety practices, such as wearing gloves when handling ready-to-eat products, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, and maintaining distance when serving food and beverages.

We find great joy in sharing our love for the culinary arts through exquisite cuisine and fun demonstrations, and we strive to continue to inspire, enlighten and fulfill!

Below is a listing of dining options. These opportunities are exclusive for ESB members, and will only be available for a limited time with limited availability. We look forward to providing opportunities like those listed below, and are excited to offer a ‘taste’ of ideas in development.


Need a selection of healthy and delicious meals in your fridge? Amy will prepare meals as desired for your week.  Following a consultation she’ll spend a few hours preparing dishes of your choice (either in your kitchen or hers). You’ll have a variety of delicious meals that require little to no work to put together.


Now’s the time to hone your kitchen skills! These 1.5 hr demonstrations offer guests a variety of fundamental culinary techniques.  Topics include, but not limited to: Italian Pasta Making, Perfect Roast Chicken, Vegetables 101, Neapolitan Pizza at Home, Perfect Plump Gnocchi, Perfect Risotto, Chinese Dumplings, The Art of Chicken Braising (Coq au Vin), Sushi 101, Basic Knife Skills


From passed appetizers to a deluxe dinner for a special occasion…or just because…
An experience can feature a multi-course menu customized to members’ preferred experience. Email Amy for menu samples, pricing and a proposal.

Contact us for more information about planning a delicious dining experience in your home and we’ll send you a list of options, pricing and sample menus.